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ISBN 978-5-903433-09-4
Vladimir Belogolovsky, Alexander Ryabushin
about 184 pages, 22.0h28.5 cm
200 ill., Hardcover, Russian / English.
Felix Novikov opens a series of monographs on the Soviet architects of the second half of the twentieth century known as Soviet Modernism (1955-1985).

The model of Moscow Place of Pioneers. Left to right: V. Kubasov, E. Lichtenberg, I. Vinogradsky, 

I. Pokrovsky, M. Hazhakyan, B. Paluy, U. Ionov, F. Novikov, A. Polovnikov


The Palace of Pioneers appears to be a kind of miniature Brasilia, an experimental city, a dream of idealists. It seems to me that lines written by Novella Matveyeva were meant to speak about the light and harmonious forms of the Palace and its flat-deck roofs:


These houses without roofs -

Light without fire -

Were drifting as if

They were ships, not houses.

Parade square and yards’ plan. 1 – Parade Gallery, 2 – Science Club,

3 – Hobby and Laboratory Buildings, 4 – Pioneers’ Theatre, 5 – Concert Hall

Moscow Palace of Pioneers, 1958-62 

Parade Square, perspective

Moscow Palace of Pioneers, 1958-62 

Parade Square, perspective

Moscow Palace of Pioneers, 1958-62 

Opening Parade, June 1, 1962

Pavilion of the USSR, Brussels, 1956

Competition project of the Tet Defance Building, Paris, 1983

Main Scientific Center for Microelectronics, Zelenograd, 1962-1969, Stair Detail

Main Tourist Center, Samarkand, 1980-1983

Public Square in front of the Complex Entrance

Main Tourist Center, Samarkand, 1980-1983

Covered Street

Covered Market and Hotel, Moscow, 1978-82, Model

MIET Complex, Zelenograd, 1966-71, Main Building Section

MIET Complex, Zelenograd, 1966-71, Partial Panorama

MIET Complex, Zelenograd, 1966-71, Main Entry