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Australia: Seidler’s Modernism

A photo/video exhibition celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of

Australian modernist architect Harry Seidler (1923-2006)


Zodchestvo International Architecture Festival

Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia, December 22-24, 2013

Curator: Vladimir Belogolovsky

Exhibition Design: Vladimir Okhulkov and Elena Orlova


The architect’s instantly recognizable works embody numerous sources and influences that he strategically sought out and refined over the course of his career. From mid-1960s Seidler’s hand became increasingly influenced by works of American abstract expressionist painters and sculptors: Alexander Calder, Norman Carlberg, Sol LeWitt, Charles Perry, and Frank Stella, evolving into a distinctly personal artistic language. The exhibit features 12 projects by Seidler and is presented through photographs, architectural drawings, videos, and images of the original sources of the architect’s inspiration.


Photos by Vladimir Okhulkov