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VKHUTEMAS (Higher Art and Technical Studios) was the Russian state art and technical school founded in 1920 in Moscow. The workshops were established by a decree from Vladimir Lenin with the intentions to prepare master artists of the highest qualifications for industry, builders, and managers for professional-technical education. The school had 100 faculty members and an enrollment of 2,500 students.


VKHUTEMAS was formed by a merger of two previous schools: the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and the Stroganov School of Applied Arts. The workshops had courses in graphics, sculpture, architecture, printing, textiles, ceramics, woodworking, and metalworking. It was a center for three major movements in avant-garde art and architecture: constructivism, rationalism, and suprematism. In 1926, the school was reorganized and in 1930 dissolved, following political and internal pressures throughout its ten-year existence. The school's faculty, students, and legacy were dispersed into as many as six other schools. However, many of the materials produced by students and faculty of VKHUTEMAS survived and are now part of extensive archives owned by Moscow Architecture Institute, MARKHI.


The present Gallery VKHUTEMAS was established in 2006 on the occasion of the International Conference Heritage at Risk by MARKHI Museum in the space originally occupied by the Studios’ Sculpture Department in the 1920s. The inaugural exhibition was called From VKHUTEMAS to MARKHI. The Gallery is located on the ground floor of MARKHI in the heart of Moscow. The Gallery organizes exhibitions and lectures on contemporary architects and architecture from around the world. It highlights projects by students and faculty as well as MARKHI Museum’s own collection.